Purelys Simply Pure quality standard can be a promise to deliver our customers the top in quality and testing of our own Essential Oils. Our essential oils are certified 100% pure therapeutic grade. Our essential oils are some of the safest along with the most rigorously tested essential oils on the market. Our oils tend not to consist of any fillers or artificial ingredients that could hamper their performance. All of our quality standards and testing leads our customers to a simple promise - Simply Pure


Extraction Methods:
Purely employs industry standards and finest practices for each individuals oils to make sure you have the very best and many effective essential oils. By using mostly first distillation or cold pressing, based on the product, assures the highest available beneficial properties in your oils.

Random Batch:
Each test is performed, in every batch, using random selection procedures at random selecting stages through the processing. These random batch test provide quality assurance that must agree and ensure using the previous performed test outlined below.

Gas Chromatography:
Gas Chromatography is often a test performed while on an acrylic to look for the chemical composition of oil compounds. Once the fat has been carefully distilled from plant material, a sample is delivered to undergo testing. The oil sample is heated with a specific temperature from the heating chamber of your gas chromatograph machine. Each compound from the oil then vaporizes because it passes through a detector, at different rates, and measured. The final results will be analyzed to be sure the quality of the oil.

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Mass Spectrometry:
Upon completion in the gas chromatography testing, an additional test referred to as mass spectrometry is carried out on the oil samples for composition. During mass spectrometry, individual compounds are ionized and are sorted by weight to disclose the use of particular compounds (such as pollutants or metals) which can be too heavy to get detected from the gas chromatograph. This test reveals the purity of your acrylic.

Organoleptic Testing:
To further test the purity individuals oils, all of us of experts perform organoleptic testing by making use of a person's senses, like sight, smell, taste and touch. While organoleptic testing can not switch the analyzation by mechanical testing, we rely heavily around the expertise individuals team and trust their capability to ensure the highest standard attainable for your oils.